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IGI Group

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Notes To Speakers:

Email your presentation to us:
To avoid technical delays between speakers and to ensure your presentation and biography are included in our briefing notes, we ask that you email your presentation and biography to by 5pm EST on the Friday before the conference.

Use popular fonts
Your presentation will then be loaded on our projector-connected laptop where any technical problems can be worked out in advance. If you are sending a Powerpoint presentation, please avoid using far-east fonts and try to use common fonts like Arial, Times and Helvetica. If your font is somewhat rare, please include it with your presentation.

Make your presentation printable
Your presentation and biography will be printed in the briefing notes that will be available during and after the conference. Please ensure that your presentation is readable when printed B+W, 2-Slides on office paper.

Fax us a proof
To ensure we transfer your presentations accurately to print and projection, please fax a printed proof to Will Ashley 617-734-8562

Thank you for your help in ensuring a technically smooth conference.

Important : If we do not receive your presentation and Bio by the Friday before the conference, It will not appear in the printed version of the Briefing Notes.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Main conference organizer:
Hui Pan-

Web, Print & Projector questions:
Will Ashley -